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my birthday

its my birthday today im so excited about whats going on, im thankful for everything i have and for everything is coming, hope to have…
iisaiias Aug 18, 2012
best picture ever. Memybestie.pic
pizza partypic
iisaiias Jan 19, 2010
it's a duckpic
iisaiias Dec 08, 2009
its halloween if i want to! :pic
lucky lucky duckpic
warped tour pomona lemonadepic
oh lala!pic
iisaiias Jun 14, 2009

bamboozle left

was like the best thing everr! we the kings <3, the cab, nevershoutnever, cobra starship, the aquabats, her monday, valencia, the get up kids.. metro station…
iisaiias Apr 06, 2009
iisaiias Aug 18, 2008

i cant comment audrey kitching :o

something's happening to my buzznet,:/i cant post comments to audrey kitching :o!uh ohso today i had headache like almost allllll day long,sleep sleep sleeeeeeeepoi!yesterday i…
iisaiias Jul 21, 2008
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